Situated on the lagoon of one of the most beautiful islands in the world, there is a pearl farm...

Welcome to the island of Huahine and her only pearl farm.

You are invited to come and enjoy our exceptional spot, to discover the magic of the Black Pearl, and admire our famous and unique pottery.

Be our guest aboard our outrigger canoe which will take you, across the lagoon, to a place of rare beauty, where man becomes one with nature.

The most essential thing to us with pearl farming is to live in harmony with nature. We have been involved in setting up, and actively supporting, our local environmental protection association to help preserve the treasures that the island of HUAHINE offers.

There is a myriad of marine life that lives in harmony with our pearl farm. Butterfly fish, dolphins, whales and even the oysters' worst enemy: marine turtles.

Turtles are very fond of oysters, cracking through the shell with their strong beaks to enjoy their favorite delicacy. They pose a real problem to pearl farmers! However, we have found a system to protect the oysters with wire netting, so that we can still enjoy the presence of these beautiful sacred animals in and around our farm.